"I recommend Jan Biciste and Change Facilitation Process to help you and your business overcome resistance to change which may be holding your business back.  Jan uses the Big Mind Process[TM], which I created and developed, and is now used world-wide to help individuals and businesses make needed change, to work with the resistance to change within corporations or businesses, and to move beyond it to achieve it’s greatest potential.”

/// Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel

"Jan is a very empathetic coach. He helped me in clarification and finding my business purpose. With his unique and profound method not in days and weeks but within three 1 hour sessions.”

/// Achim Feige, Partner of BrandTrust

“I have had the privilege of participating along with Jan Biciste in several Big Mind Facilitator Trainings led by Zen Master Genpo Merzel.  Knowing Jan’s dedication to enlightened, positive change in the business world, and the value and usefulness of the training we received, I believe his Change Facilitation Process can make a valuable contribution to any business.”

/// Mark Esterman, President, Great River Books, Inc.

“I would highly recommend Jan Biciste as a change agent. He is really passionate about his work and a skillful facilitator. He is an innovator as he connects his personal business experience with deep psychological work and longtime mindfulness practice into a single and simple method.”

/// Dan Landgré, Writer, director, psychologist and psychotherapist

“When we realize that habit for an individual and culture for a society or enterprise is the outward manifestation of core beliefs, we also then realize the core challenge of change.


To change habits or culture, we actually need to change the core belief system of an individual or an enterprise. What a challenge!


Jan brings a tremendous energy, drive and keen awareness into every engagement. His passion for clarity and compassion for others fuels his drive to explore, uncover and expand the perceptions which make up our belief systems. Jan's specific techniques for facilitating change are a great asset. But his core integrity assures those he works with that intent is always for the greater good. The combination of his knowledge, techniques and integrity make him a great facilitator for change and catalyst for change management.”

/// John Quigley, Technology Executive and Zen practitioner, Silicon Valley

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jan as part of the Big Mind process and know him as a dedicated, curious and skilled facilitator. I would highly recommend him to anyone or any organisation looking for a sustainable and transformative change process."

/// Charlotte Thaarup-Owen, Director, The Mindfulness Clinic